Our Clients

Client Testimonials

“Metis Associates has taken the word ‘partnership’ to a new level. It has been a wonderful experience partnering with an organization that truly sees the collective mission in regard to the successful implementation of the work. They have ensured that their contributions enable us to build on the work we have done and increase our capacity to serve students. We couldn't do it without them!”

Alexandrea Robinson-Rogers, Director, GEAR UP, School District of Philadelphia

“Metis Associates has been a valuable partner as we developed and launched our Career Exploration Program, with its focus on positively impacting the lives of middle-school girls in the South Bronx. For the past four years, Metis has provided evaluation expertise, including developing our logic model and evaluation tools, training our staff in implementing surveys, and analyzing and interpreting the results—all with an eye toward improving the Career Exploration Program. Metis has created readable, usable and didactic reports that we have been able to use to strengthen our classroom instruction and operations as well as demonstrate to funders and school administrators the importance and impact of our work.”

Dawn Nolan, Senior Vice President, Program & Administration, Girl Scout Council of Greater New York

“Working with our evaluators at Metis has been an empowering experience for our board and staff. We're getting information in a timely manner so that we know we're making the right decisions and moving along the right paths, and that the choices we're making are really impactful.”

Susan Lozada, Executive Director of Community and Student Services, Allentown School District

“Metis has been a great asset to New York City's anti-poverty efforts. A hallmark of our work is measuring performance and assessing what works. Metis staff have been thoughtful and professional partners in this effort.”

Kristin Morse, Director of Evaluation, New York City Center for Economic Opportunity

“The web-enabled databases that Metis created for our GEAR UP partnerships have been indispensable. They allow us to record program participation and get reports in real time so that we can monitor program implementation, improve our programs, and develop additional programming for Bronx students in need.”

Bruce Irushalmi, Associate Director, The Bronx Institute

“Metis Associates has become a part of our team by inspiring our new agency with their expertise, commitment to excellence and ingenuity. Their evaluation work and development of our online data reporting system is working to increase communication and help us achieve our strategic outcomes in the communities we serve. We look forward to our continued partnership with Metis Associates.”

Jen Bennecke, Former Executive Director, Governor's Office for Children and Families

“While the Department has contracted with Metis for several significant projects, the willingness of Metis to modify and adjust its services to meet our unforeseen needs has created a collaborative environment where Metis is seen more as a partner in the effort than a contractor. I look forward to a long and continuing relationship with a company that has the experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence to make any future endeavors both pleasurable and successful.”

James Boardman, Assistant Commissioner for Research and Technology, Arkansas Department of Education

“Our goal was to find an evaluator that would work well in collaboration with our internal researchers and the College Board Schools team to develop and implement a high-quality, quasi-experimental, formulative research project that could ultimately guide the work of College Board Schools and assist in determining the efficacy of our new, small schools model.

“The team at Metis could not be more thoughtful, intelligent or better equipped to do this work, no doubt based on their years of field work in schools within major school systems. I could not be more grateful for their consistent support, rapid response and demonstrated quality within our research design. Their ability to manage and maintain quality relationships is central to their success and they do it exceedingly well!”

Helen Santiago, Vice President, College Board Schools

“When I accepted the challenge of creating a state intermediary to support 159 local collaboratives [for Georgia Family Connection Partnership], one of my first calls was to Metis. Their work has since made a difference in helping us to shape policy and practice as well as to increase understanding of the importance of results accountability and the use of evaluation locally across the state. My experience with Metis Associates has been nothing but positive, which is why I have continued to seek their expertise, knowledge, and assistance in my work to support children and families in Georgia over the years.”

Gaye Smith, Executive Director, Georgia Family Connection Partnership

“We've worked with Metis Associates on a number of evaluations to date, and have been consistently impressed by their commitment to the work, collaboration with our grantees, and the evaluation reports themselves. While the overarching purpose of our College-Community Connections initiative is clear—to help financially disadvantaged but talented high school student prepare for and succeed in college—the range of programming within the initiative is quite wide, and Metis eagerly took on the challenge of working on an evaluation project with varying timelines, designs, and student cohorts. Their work has undoubtedly helped us better understand the effectiveness of our grantmaking, and has played a critical role in informing our future grantmaking as well.”

Annie Bezbatchenko, Program Officer, The Teagle Foundation

“Metis Associates' expertise and commitment to their, and our, work are first among the attributes I value most about them. Their knowledge, skills, and professional delivery of technical assistance and products are helping communities to use data effectively to make decisions and 'tell their story.' Metis Associates is guiding our communities to build the capacity for self-evaluation and for the Initiative to test its theory of change. Their leadership and support is a key asset in our partnership with communities to help youth in foster care transition successfully to adulthood.”

Kate Lee, Former Chief Financial Officer, Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative

“The way the instructor broke down each section of the grant was very informative. It almost makes it seem easy.”

“The presenter was thorough, down-to-earth, understandable, and helpful with her 'telling it like it is' approach.”

Metis Associates Grant-Writing Workshop Participants